NJN Incentivized Learning Platform

NJN Incentivized Learning Platform

NotJustNinjas' Incentivized Learning Platform (ILP) is an SMS-based training and culture product designed to supercharge performance, create the exact culture you envision, and reward teammates for striving to be more.

The traditional LMS has the important function of protecting organizations from liabilities by ensuring that the organization has done its part to detail expected behaviors and compliance. The ILP is much different. By customizing your ILP with NotJustNinjas, you begin separating your team's culture from the competition by taking the controls towards your unified vision of success, addressing gaps in understanding, and more.

Below is a demonstration of how the NJN Incentivized Learning Platform will work for you, along with a message from founder Ethan Sharrett about developing this product.

NotJustNinjas Incentivized Learning Platform

Explaining the mission and reason for developing the NotJustNinjas ILP.

NotJustNinjas founder Ethan Sharrett

Contact for more information info@notjustninjas.com to begin developing a new level of performance and culture for your organization.