What's in a (N)ame?

Is deciding your brand name preventing you from beginning?This article by Neal Gabler in the Times in 2015 about naming is one of my favorite articles of all time..

What's in a (N)ame?
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Is deciding your brand name preventing you from beginning?

This article by Neal Gabler in the Times in 2015 about naming is one of my favorite articles of all time: "The Weird Science of Naming New Products."

I'm not saying favorite as a branding or marketing article but in general - its just complete and fun, and it makes you feel like you understand this subject entirely.

It discusses studies that show 'fip' is a faster word than 'fop.' And it dives into case examples that end up with USAir spending $50 Million to come up with a change to 'US Airways,' and the naming-specialty agencies that get to propose these things. Because admit it, that would be fun. (By the way, if your agency does creative naming research, please reach out for inclusion.)

That is to give context to my agony deciding what names to spend $15 each on to get the domains. Why did I choose NotJustNinjas? How can that possibly be successful?

I'd like to get anyone else's thoughts however. Is the complete ambiguity worth the the nice roll off the tongue? Is the tradeoff of descriptiveness worth the exacting, mastering, elevating undertones of the word 'ninja' along with a specific imagery connotation when we read or say it? And why NotJust?

I'm curious if that is a message I can connect enough. So feedback is appreciated if you do or don't know WTF it means.

I was clearly led to it by starting a YouTube channel, "Not Just Apartments" which spoke to how much more than just managing or maintaining apartments is possible and needed for professionals in that industry. It became that anyone who responded to elevate those skills became a Not Just Apartments Ninja.

Then it started seeming that 'Not Just' applies broadly. For people who, for whatever reason, want to remind themselves that they are not just that or this. They figure out better ways to do what they're doing, and literally end up being much more - whether that is from skills, relationships, or just a new approach to make their life more full, healthy, and peaceful. They become ninjas..

of the ancient Not Just order, from the Sengoku period.

It doesn't have a chance. But getting those domains was not a fun procedure, and I don't want to do that again unless a revelation presents itself. You have to choose a name if that is holding you back from operating, which it was. Hence njn

God Bless and Namaste